Face Mask Trio


This week we thought we’d have a little bit of fun and feature the fabulous face masks by Tropic. Each of the three face masks are 100% naturally derived, and each one has been formulated with specific natural ingredients to treat specific skin types.  Using a face mask once or twice a week is the perfect way to adapt the ABC skincare collection – as seen in the previous blog post – to suit your specific requirements.


Beth used the CLEAR SKIN blemish-fighting mask as she is suffering with some breakouts and had heard great reviews about this spot-busting mask.  The aim of the mask is to give a clearer, less oily complexion.

Here is what Beth has to say about her mask:

I love using a face mask and was really keen to try the CLEAR SKIN – as soon as you open it up it just smells like it has to be good for you!  I was glad I was trying the green version as it is a really thick texture which looks awesome as you sit and wait for it to do it’s work!  Mum says this is due to the chlorophyll in it.

I left the mask on for about 15 minutes and sat quite still as it dried onto my skin. I think it would be a good idea and really relaxing to apply this while having a bath. We were at our caravan so we didnt have the luxury of a bath, just an outdoor sofa and the outdoors! Funny enough some areas dried dark green which it does in areas where your pores are open so it was quite interesting to see. Apparently if I use it weekly these larger pores should get smaller – I will let you know!

After I washed off the mask my skin felt lovely and soft. It wasn’t until the next day when a couple of blackheads popped up which is exactly what should have happened. The natural ingredients such as charcoal are chosen because they draw out the nasty toxins.

I would defo recommend this product but would use it when I dont have any special plans due to way it brings on a breakout. After the breakout my skin has settled down and is looking clear.

Beth x

I tried the FACE LIFT brightening mask which is ‘an intensely tightening, age-defying mask to firm and brighten the skin.’ In hindsight I should have applied the mask to my neck too as this area is in need much need of a lift as my face is!

The face mask is a smooth yellow paste which dried very quickly, and smelt delicious thanks to the extracts of elderflower. I kept the mask on for 15 minutes and removed it with a warm bamboo cloth. On removing the mask my skin felt tighter and definitley looked brighter so i guess it does what is says on the tin! I appreciate it is something to use on a weekly basis to make a real difference and perhaps focus more on problem areas such as the forehead and neck so as to economise on usage.

The product contains ‘electric daisy’ extract which works to stimulate your skincells to make them pull closer together, revealing a tighter complexion. It certainly felt like it had worked a treat as I removed the mask and I’ll give it a go working this into a regular skin regime but I may just opt to use this one alongside the DEEP HYDRATION rather than stick with one option.

Jane x (Mum)

And Anna. Anna has had a tricky week and suffered a fractured shoulder which has put a halt to all her dance and ice training. This was kind of the reason why we chose to test face masks this week as Anna is in need of some tlc.  So…Anna used the DEEP HYDRATION mask and here are her thoughts:

Ok ok so I got to try the DEEP HYDRATION mask which is described by Tropic as a ‘soothing cooling mask’. Honestly, I was disappointed by how the mask looked on my skin as I sort of wanted the green gunge look that Beth had! The Hydration mask doesnt really dry like Mum and Beths masks did but stays sticky and looks gluey and yoghurty.

This mask is recommended for very dry, irritated, sore, blemished or sunburnt skin. I dont really have either of those so I suppose I can’t give a proper review but what I can say when I rinsed it off with a warm cloth was that my skin felt really soft and calm. Mum has used this mask and totally loves it because she loves feeding her skin and says it just feels like a good boost. I am not fond of the yoghurty texure but love the fruit smells – from the redcurrant, cranberry (i love those) and blackberry extracts. It does smell good enough to eat but me and mum say that about all of the Tropic range!

Anna x

We loved trialling this gorgeous trio, a point to note is that once opened you do need to use each product within 6 months as it can dry but I thats fair enough as it is a 100% naturally derived product. I’d rather be using a natural product weekly than have a face mask full of preservatives that sits on my dressing room table for a year!


So how to conclude….we think (and these are our own opinions)…that the:

CLEAR SKIN is perfect for teens and those with acne and blemish prone skin

FACE LIFT is perfect for those of you who are looking for an anti-ageing treatment

DEEP HYDRATION is the one for those of you who have dry skin, maybe a touch sunburnt and you crave a creamy gel mask.

Which one would you choose…and hey, why choose…treat yourself to a little combo of natural loveliness. Anna and I are home alone watching the BGT final, the perfect time to apply a face mask!

A point to note is that once opened you do need to use these within 6 months as it can dry but I thats fair enough as it is a 100% naturally derived product. I’d rather be using a natural product weekly than have a face mask full of preservatives that sits on my dressing room table for a year!

We would love you to try for yourselves…and let us know how you get on! A perfect little pamper treat for all those teens taking their GCSE’s!


Until next time!

Jane, Beth and Anna XX




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