We are BETH (14), ANNA (12) plus me, MUM.

Our Story

Stumbling across Tropic couldn’t have come at a better time for me and my girls, the whole ethos of Tropic with a range of skincare and makeup that is 100% naturally derived and freshly handmade.  No chemicals. No testing on animals. Vegan friendly.

We all got the chance to sample the ABC Collection (exfoliator, toner, cleanser and moisturiser) from Tropic a few months back.   Being a Mum of two teenage (almost) girls who are into dance and ice skating, and regularly wearing makeup for shows, their skin was taking a constant battering with disposable wipes which irritated and totally dried out their skin. I too was disheartened by my ever changing choice in moisturiser as I was on an endless search for the perfect one.  Two days after sampling Tropic I signed up to become an Ambassador to spread the love for this incredible natural range.

newproductsTropic … a natural skincare collection for all ages

We love that the range is suitable for every skin type – you don’t buy a moisturiser for dry skin and a moisturiser for oily skin but you can select a handful of products and use them as and when you feel your skin needs them.  I use the Face Smooth exfoliator every other day, but my girls use it maybe once a week as their skin is more sensitive. I apply the nutrient boosting serum at night when my skin needs that extra nourishment, and the organic elixir I mix in with my daily moisturiser, Skin Revive. The teens love the ABC and dabble with most of the goodies as they learn to ‘read’ what their skin needs.

How great to have a natural skincare routine the whole house can benefit from!

Tropic has empowered us to pick and mix a wonderful natural skincare regime which suits my ageing skin and Beth and Anna’s youthful complexions, and it has transformed the way we look at skincare.

(We could have called the blog ‘TeenTropicPlusMumPlusGrandma’ as she loves it too!) 

But why blog…why vlog…

We are looking to have a little fun as we spread the Tropic love. Beth and Anna will be writing their own product reviews and vlogging.  All comments and opinions are our own. We have already found Anna is a natural in front of the camera, here she is with her first vlog for the lovely ABC Collection…

Should you choose to try Tropic and see the benefits for yourself, that would be pretty awesome!

Our shop…

All of the products listed in our blog are available from our online shop:


We hope you join us on the Tropic journey,

Me, Beth and Anna xXx


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